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Strange Toys of Yesteryear

September 8, 2016

There sure were strange toys out there! Do you remember the strangest toy you ever had?
Witch Doctor Head Shrinker's Kit

Witch Doctor Head Shrinker’s Kit

The Product: As it says—a (plastic) head-shrinking kit
The Pitch: “Into the deepest jungle went Pressman Toymakers, looking for something new. The secret they brought back for you is incredible! The Pressman Witch Doctor Head Shrinker’s Kit! Plastic flesh, mixing cauldron, and petrifying potion. Just pour it into the mold and in minutes you can add monster hair! Paint it with the coloring kit included, or make up your own decorations. In 24 hours, the heads shrink, shrink down. Shrunken heads for all occasions! Collect ’em, swap ’em. Give them to your witch doctor friends. You can always cook up more, with Pressman’s Witch Doctor’s Head Shrinker’s Kit.”

Roy Rogers Quick Shooter Hat

The Product: A cowboy hat with a hidden derringer cap gun
The Pitch: “Hi fellas! Say, that’s a pretty tricky hat, isn’t it? Partners, how would you like to surprise your pals like that? Well you can with my new Roy Rogers Quick Shooter Hat. It’s by Ideal. Just press this secret button right here, and a replica of an authentic western pistol pops out and fires! It’s your secret weapon, even when they think you’re unarmed. So get Ideal’s new Roy Rogers Quick Shooter Hat at your favorite store today. And you’ll always be ready for anything!”

Strange History

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