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Here Are Some of the Weirdest November Holidays

November 1, 2016

It’s November and the holidays are among us. But with Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s, Hanukah, and more arriving faster than we ever expect, there are some more observations and celebrations that are also fighting for your attention.
Weird November Holidays

November 2: Plan Your Epitaph Day

Plan Your Epitaph Day was the creation of Lance Hardie, author of a book called How to Write Your Own Epitaph—and Live Long Enough to Enjoy It. Basically, it’s a day to take stock and figure out what you’d like to be remembered for—or at least something succinct enough for somebody else to put on your tombstone. It was established on this day so as to coincide with the Mexican cultural holiday Dia de los Muertos—the “Day of the Dead,” in which dead relatives are honored and celebrated.

November 7: Bittersweet Chocolate with Almonds Day

A candy company registered this holiday so as to remind us all of the existence of chocolate with nuts in it—something we’re not likely to forget. Celebrate by treating yourself to this exact style of confectionary: dark chocolate with almonds. (Hey, they’re both technically good for you.)

November 9: Chaos Never Dies Day

While most holidays are supposed to be a break from the chaos of daily life, and a time to reflect on things like giving thanks, the new year, love, or St. Patrick, this obscure holiday encourages the acceptance and celebration of that very chaos.

November 13: World Kindness Day

In 1996 and 1997, a group of people from around the world met for a series of conferences in Japan to promote the simple idea of human being just being a little kid nicer to each other. The group—the World Kindness Movement— drafted a “Declaration of Kindness” on November 13, 1997. How to commemorate that? Just be nice!

November 15: Clean Your Refrigerator Day

Whirlpool, the company that makes a number of appliances, including refrigerators registered this holiday, a nice pre-holiday onslaught reminder to make room in fridge by getting rid of all the rotten stuff so there’s plenty of room for holiday goodies.

November 25: You’re Welcome Day

This year, Thanksgiving falls on November 24. Well, the day after saying thanks, it’s the day to say…”you’re welcome.”

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