Last-Minute Gift Ideas with Uncle John’s Bathroom Readers

December 16, 2016

Good news for last-minute gift-givers: our eBooks make fantastic last-minute gifts for anyone on your list! Whether you’re shopping for a fan of sports, history, the military, or nature, we’ve got an edition that’s sure to please. More good news: Uncle John’s out-of-print titles have been resurrected as eBooks. It’s the magic of the season!
If you need help figuring out how to gift an eBook on the Kindle, here are some handy-dandy instructions.

Uncle John's Uncanny Bathroom ReaderUncle John’s Uncanny Bathroom Reader

What’s so uncanny about the 29th annual edition of Uncle John’s? This enduring series has been delivering entertainment to three generations of readers…and it’s still going strong! Covering a wide array of topics—incredible origins, forgotten history, weird news, amazing science, dumb crooks, and more—it’s 512 pages of the best stuff in print. Purchase

Strange History

Strange History

From the 20th century to the Old West, from the Age of Enlightenment to the Dark Ages, from ancient cultures all the way back to the dawn of time, Strange History is overflowing with mind-blowing facts. Read about mysterious artifacts, macabre legends, kooky inventions, reality-challenged rulers, and boneheaded blunders throughout history. Purchase


Each book in the Plunges Into… regional series offers an in-depth look into a specific place—and all the most offbeat information we can find. Appealing to both residents and tourists, these volumes will help you discover obscure history, learn fascinating facts, and meet the unique people who make these places like no other on Earth!
Titles available in the series: Michigan | Texas | New York |  Canada | Hollywood | Ohio | National Parks | Pennsylvania |  Minnesota | California | New Jersey

Uncle John's Bathroom Reader Tunes Into TVUncle John’s Bathroom Reader Tunes into TV

Uncle John channel-surfs through America’s favorite pastime: television. From test patterns to Top Chef, from My Three Sons to Mad Men, as well as TV news, advertising, scandals, sitcoms, dramas, reality shows, and yadda yadda yadda, Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader Tunes into TV is “dy-no-mite!” Purchase

Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader Takes a Swing at Baseball

This spirited take on baseball takes you deep into its history to paint a detailed picture of where the game came from and where it may be going. You’ll go behind the scenes at spring training, listen in on pitcher’s mound conferences, and meet the players, coaches, fans, and broadcasters who make this the greatest game in the world! Purchase

Uncle John's Bathroom Reader Tees Off on GolfUncle John’s Bathroom Reader Tees Off on Golf

Fore! Calling all Swingers, Duffers, and Big Berthas! This volume takes a fresh, funny swing through the front and back nine. Where else could you learn about the greatest animals on the greens (Tiger, Shark, Golden Bear), the world’s best courses (think St. Andrews), and the world’s most dangerous links (watch out for land mines!)? Purchase

Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader Plunges into History

Only the trivia gurus at the Bathroom Readers’ Institute could take a dry subject like history and make it so much fun! Whether you’re a history buff, or you just like reading great stories, you’ll see the past in a whole new light as Uncle John uncovers the truth behind history’s hoaxes, miracles, massacres, myths, and more. Purchase

plunges-into-musicUncle John’s Bathroom Reader Plunges into Music

From boogie-woogie to Beethoven, from Prince to Pavarotti, from the bards of Broadway to the rebels of rock ‘n’ roll, it’s all here. This 516-page musical masterpiece dedicated to all things noteworthy ranges from silly one-hit wonders to culture-changing musical milestones. So plug in your amp, turn the dial up to 11, and have a blast. Purchase

Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader Dog Lover’s Companion

From mongrels to Marmaduke, Uncle John unleashes the mysteries, marvels, and mayhem of man’s best friend. The only thing that’s more eager to please you than your dog…is this Bathroom Reader about dogs! It’s a very good book! Oh, yes it is! Good book! Purchase

Uncle John's Plunges into National ParksUncle John’s Bathroom Reader Plunges into National Parks

Trek through every one of America’s National Parks, monuments, sites, and trails (more than 150 in all!), uncovering unique stories behind all of them. Read about Yosemite’s firefall and why it came to a sudden end, ghosts and legends in the remotest parts of the country, how an isolated tree inspired the most famous photograph of all time, and more. Purchase

Uncle John's Bathroom Reader Plunges into the UniverseUncle John’s Bathroom Reader Plunges into the Universe

Plunges into the Universe is your antidote to boring science textbooks. Uncle John and his loony lab partners will show you the science in everything around (and inside) you. How many amazing facts await your visual cortex in these 494 pages made up of atoms (print version) or bits and bytes (e-book)? As Carl Sagan would have said, “Billions and Billions!” Purchase

Uncle John's Bathroom Reader Salutes the Armed Forces

Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader Salutes the Armed Forces

Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and the Coast Guard! The patriotic folks at the BRI have stormed the proverbial beaches of Normandy and beyond to bring you this salute to the greatest force for good on planet Earth. Make your way through the ranks and read about the history, triumphs, trials, and humor of those who serve. Purchase