5 Weird January Holidays You Ought to Celebrate

January 2, 2017

Just when you thought “The Holidays” were over…here are a bunch of silly ones.
Weird January Holidays

January 8: Argyle Day

Argyle is one of the most famous and recognizable patterns in clothing. A kind of plaid, it originates as the signature tartan of the Clan Campbell of Scotland. It’s seen today in all sorts of colors and on scarves, socks, kilts, and skirts…and wearing one (or more) of those things is really the only way to celebrate Argyle Day.

January 19: Tin Can Day

The creation of the tin can—a way to preserve food safely and for long periods of time—revolutionized the way food was produced, sold, transported, and stored. The design (relatively unchanged to this day) was patented by British inventor Peter Durand in 1810. The can earned its U.S. patent on January 19, 1825.

January 20: Penguin Awareness Day

As if today, which is also Inauguration Day, didn’t already feature enough people wearing suits. Today is the day to learn something new about penguins, those adorable creatures of Antarctica who look like they’re wearing suits or tuxedos. On this day, you’ve finally got an excuse to pop on March of the Penguins and waddle around the house.

January 26: Dental Drill Appreciation Day

Does anybody really appreciate the dental drill? Maybe begrudgingly—for while going to the dentist (especially for a drilling) is something very few people look forward to, it’s nice that we live in an age where the tools exist to fix our oral health issues with relative ease. January 26th is the day that the dentist’s handheld electric whirring monster is celebrated because it was patented on this day in 1875. (Ironically, January 26 is also National Peanut Brittle Day.)

January 30: Inane Answering Message Day

Not as many people have telephone answering machines as they once did—they’ve been replaced with voice mail…or just sending a text instead of a voice recording. But still, back in the ’80s and ’90s, it was all the rage to leave a funny outgoing message on one’s answering machine—it was even the subject of a Seinfeld episode. But if you’ve still got a machine, or actually know how to get into your voice mail to change your outgoing message, get on there, and come up with something dumb, funny, or both.

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