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Dough Nuts: For the Person That Has it All

January 10, 2017

For the person who has more money than they know what to do with.
Chanel Segway

Chanel Segway

EXPLANATION: If a no-frills Segway isn’t expensive enough (around $5,000), now you can get a super-deluxe Chanel Edition Segway. It’s the same as a regular Segway, but with quilted leather mudflaps and a Chanel handbag mounted on the front.
COST: $12,000

“I Am Rich” iPhone App

DESCRIPTION: Apple iPhone users have access to thousands of applications, or “Apps.” Most cost around $2 and serve a purpose—weather forecasts, movie times, GPS locators, etc. The “I Am Rich” App went on sale in 2008. What does it do? Not much. It fills the iPhone screen with a picture of a ruby, supposedly to indicate to passersby that the iPhone user is rich.
COST: $999.99. Who would buy one? Eight people did—including a man who thought it was a joke…until he got his credit card statement. When he complained to Apple, they refunded his money and pulled “I Am Rich” from their online store.

Crystal-covered paintball gun

EXPLANATION: The Aurora Nexus Ego is adorned with thousands of tiny crystals, and until recently was the world’s most expensive paintball gun at a cost of $5,000. But in 2009, Planet Eclipse came out with the Argyle Eg09, which is decorated with more than 11,000 much fancier Swarovski crystals.
COST: $5,001

Diamond-encrusted USB thumb drives

EXPLANATION: Thumb drives are popular. They’re also cheap—you can get 2GB of data storage for about $10. So if you lose one, who cares…unless it’s a White Lake USB Stick, which is 14-carat gold-plated and covered in diamonds.
COST: $3,500. (If you’re on a budget, you can get it without the diamonds for just $2,800.)

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