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It's a New World Record!

January 25, 2017

It’s a new year, so the new world record books are out. Here are some people who in the last days of 2016 and the early days of 2017 set some very impressive (and very weird) world records.
New World Records

Biscuit Dunking

24-year-old Simon Berry of Sheffield, England has set a new world record in something so specific that his record is probably safe for the time being. With a bungee cord tied to his body, he leapt from a platform 246 feet in the air with a chocolate cookie in his hand (or biscuit, because he’s English). As he plummeted into the ground, he dunked his biscuit into a mug of tea. Berry is now the Guinness World Record holder for “highest bungee dunk.”

Skydiving Magic Tricks

Berry isn’t the only record-setting multi-tasking thrill-seeker out there. Magician Martin Rees is also a skydiver, and in November 2016, he set the record for “most magic tricks performed during a skydive.” During his 15,000-foot descent, he did ten magic tricks involving cards, money, and scarves.

Lacrosse Playing Siblings

First of all, did you know that there’s a professional lacrosse league? There is, and the Georgia Swarm are one of its top teams. At the team’s first home game of the 2017 National Lacrosse League season, a record was set for “most siblings to compete in the same professional lacrosse game.” Brothers Lyle, Jerome, and Miles Thompson all play for the Swarm, while Jeremy Thompson suits up for the Saskatchewan Rush.

Head-to-Head Stair Climbing

We can all agree that climbing stairs is hard work. But can you imagine doing it with somebody balancing themselves on your head? Vietnamese circus performers Giang Quic Nghiep and Giang Quoc Co climbed the 90-stair staircase at St. Mary’s Cathedral in Girona, Spain—head to head. Meaning that one of the duo walked while the other balanced his head on top of the other guy’s head.

14-Mile Bicycle Ride

Riding 14 miles on a bike in one hour is an impressive athletic achievement at any age. But it’s especially impressive for world record holder Jean-Michel Richefort. He did the 14 miles in a Paris velodrome (that’s 92 laps) in January 2017. It’s a record because Marchand is 105 years old.

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