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The Most Haunted Landmarks in the USA

January 13, 2017

America has a number of iconic places where some amazing history has happened. What does all that add up to? Ghosts. Here are some spooky stories you may have never heard about American landmarks.
Golden Gate Bridge and the Ghost Ship

The Ghost Ship of the Golden Gate Bridge

It gets pretty foggy in San Francisco, particularly around Golden Gate Strait. In 1853, the Tennessee, a clipper ship, ran aground there because the fog made it too hard for the crew to see. Every now and then, the Tennessee supposedly shows up in the strait, sailing under the Golden Gate Bridge. In 1942, the destroyer ship U.S.S. Kennison was sailing under the bridge and passed the ghostly Tennessee. Radar didn’t register anything, but it was right in front of the Kennison‘s crew. Witnesses say it disappeared in minutes.

The Empire State Building Ghost

The observation deck sits on the 86th floor of this New York City skyscraper, and it’s ringed with a “suicide prevention” or security fence. There were reportedly a number of jumpers in the late 1940s, including a young woman named Evelyn McHale. She leapt to her death from the observation deck because, according to her suicide note, she didn’t think she was good enough for fiancé. McHale’s ghost is said to still haunted the Empire State Building’s observation deck. Tourists and workers say they’ve seen a woman in 1940s clothes wandering around, crying. And then she sails through the suicide prevention fence and disappears, only to return to the deck time and time again.

The Ghost of the Hollywood Sign

In 1932, Peg Entwhisle couldn’t find any acting work in the emerging movie industry and decided to end her life by jumping off of the “H” in the famous “Hollywood” sign. In 1990, a couple was hiking in nearby Griffith Park and saw a woman in 1930s-style clothing…who vanished into thin air. They also noticed the overwhelming odor of gardenias. There aren’t any gardenias growing there, but Entwhisle always wore gardenia perfume.

The Monster of Liberty island

The Statue of Liberty sits on a landmass in New York Harbor called Liberty Island. It used to be called Bedloe’s Island, and in the 1600s, notorious pirate William Kidd supposedly buried his treasure there. In the 1890s, there was a military base on Bedloe’s Island called Fort Wood. In 1892, two soldiers named in reports as only “Gibbs” and “Carpenter” planned to break out of their barracks late one night and go find that treasure. Acting on a tip from a psychic they consulted, they went to the spot where they were told the treasure was, started digging…and found a chest, as well as a skull. That’s about when the rest of the soldiers at Fort Wood awoke to Carpenter’s blood-curdling screams. They found Carpenter hysterical and Gibbs passed out. When they came to, both men gave different accounts of what happened when they found the treasure chest. Carpenter said he saw a red and wingless demon; Gibbs said he saw a monster with horns, wings, and a barbed tail. At any rate, the treasure chest (and the skull) had both disappeared.

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