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May 2, 2017

You’ll probably want to read this article twice. (You’ll probably want to read this article twice.)
Twins Trivia

Saving Daylight, Creating Confusion

In November 2016, twins Samuel and Ronan Peterson were born at Cape Cod Hospital in Massachusetts. Samuel came into the world at precisely 1:39 a.m. on Sunday, November 6, while Ronan was born exactly 31 minutes later. However, their mother delivered the twins in the midst of the Daylight Saving Time switchover…which means Ronan’s official birth time is 1:10 a.m. That means Samuel was born first, but Ronan is the older one.

Same Time, Same Time

Last July, Sarah Mariuz and Leah Rodgers both gave birth to a son. That’s not so weird. It’s not even that weird that Mariuz and Rodgers are identical twin sisters. What is a little weird is that both gave birth on the exact same day…and at the exact same time: 1:18 a.m. (They weren’t in the same hospital, though—but they were in different time zones.) Both had a boy. Because they gave birth on the same day, they both found out they were pregnant in late 2015 around the same time and planned to tell each other the news at Thanksgiving, but when Mariuz and Rodgers saw each other, they say they both instantly “knew” that the other twin was pregnant.

Twins and Triplets

In 2006, twenty-three-year-old Hannah Kersey of Northam, England, gave birth to triplets. Kersey has an extremely rare medical condition called uterus didelphys, which means she has two uteruses. Two of her three babies were identical twins, incubated together in one womb, while the third came to term in Kersey’s second womb. The estimated estimated odds of this happening: about 25 million to 1.

The Old Evil Twin Defense

James Dixon was arrested on a 30-year-old outstanding warrant in Hernando County, Florida, in 2014. Dixon claimed that there had been a mistake—he wasn’t James Dixon, he was Gary Dixon—his twin brother. While he was detained, sheriff’s detective James Smith decided to test out the assertion, suddenly calling to the prisoner in his cell, “Hey, James.” James Smith, who claimed he was Gary, instinctively turned his head. James Dixon continued to be detained.