Father's Day Gift Guide

June 3, 2017

Because we know what dads really want.
Come on. You’re not really going to get him a tie again, are you? He doesn’t want ties. He doesn’t like ties. He hates wearing ties. But do you know what all dads like? Being left alone for a little while so they can read in peace and quiet. They also love trivia and fun facts. (It’s a “dad thing,” just like telling bad jokes and puttering around in the garage.)
Perhaps your dad is running a little low on material? That means a book would be the perfect Father’s Day gift. This Day of the Dad, we have exactly the right gift for just about every different kind of dad there is.

Uncle John's Beer-TopiaFor the beer-loving dad: Uncle John’s Beer-Topia.

Dads and beer go together better than beer and pretzels. Beer is a fascinating subject, and its popularity in recent years has made us all realize what dads knew all along: beer is wonderful! Beer-Topia has articles about the history of beer, how beer is made, how to make beer, and a look at lots of weird and wonderful brews from around the world.

For the history buff dad: Strange History.

What is it about dads and history? Give them the remote, and they’ll put on some old war documentary on the History Channel. Check their nightstand and there’s going to be at least one book about Winston Churchill on there. Dads love history so much that it’s hard to find them something about it that they don’t know. Enter Strange History, a book full of tales and characters from history that even your dad has never read about.

Strange Science Trivia BookFor the quirky dad Strange Science.

Or maybe your dad is a bit more interested in the weird ways the universe works. That’s what Strange Science is all about. It’s a dad-approved exploration of the weird things scientists have ever discovered or ever attempted to discover.

How To Fight a Bear and WinFor the outdoorsy dad: How to Fight a Bear…and Win.

If you’ve got that dad who loves to go camping, hunting, fishing, or who can start a fire just by looking at a couple of rocks, this is the book for him. How to Fight a Bear…and Win all about survival tips for getting by in the forest, desert, or jungle by living off the land. He’ll love to learn how to make a shelter out of animal dung, or what bugs and plants he can and cannot eat.

See Ya Later CalculatorFor the math dad: See Ya Later Calculator.

Do you have the kind of dad who busts out a calculator to figure out the perfect tip, or gets out the map to find the quickest way to get there, or who can tell you the exact mileage to the gallon his car gets? If so, you’ve got a math dad, and he’s going to love this magical little book. See Ya Later Calculator provides all kinds of tricks and tips for doing simple, complex, and practical everyday math in your head. Your dad will be stunned when he learns how to multiple three-digit numbers without a calculator or pen, or how to square numbers, or how to measure the height of a building with just a mirror.

Uncle John's Uncanny Bathroom ReaderFor the dad who loves a little bit of everything: Uncle John’s Uncanny Bathroom Reader.

Our most recent “classic” edition, Uncle John’s Uncanny Bathroom Reader, is bursting with more than 500 pages chock full of trivia and little-known stories about history, movies, TV, Americana, weird news, wacky inventions, science, animals, insects, airplanes, and everything in between.