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The Bottomless Beer Glass of the Czech Republic

June 14, 2017

Father’s Day is coming, and if there’s one things dads love, it’s beer. Here’s how dads (and non-dads) take their suds in different countries around the world.

Czech Republic

It’s one of the world’s biggest beer-consuming countries, and they let the beer flow freely. So freely, in fact, that you’ve got to actively make sure bartenders don’t give you too much. If you’re looking to keep track of how much you’ve been drinking, don’t set your glass down on the bar. It’s customary for bartenders in the Czech Republic to continually top it off.


Friends drink beer together in Peru…in a very specific way so as to celebrate their friendship. A shot glass is filled from a bottle of beer, and then around the table it goes, with each person pouring a shot, drinking it, and passing it down. Once the beer bottle is empty, another person takes a turn buying the beer, and the whole process with the shots is repeated until everybody in the group has bought (and shared) a bottle.


The national spirit is a licorice-flavored spirit called aquavit. It’s very strong, and beer is used as a chaser. Here’s the way to drink in Iceland. Drinking songs are sung before, during, and after a shot of aquavit, and then a swig of beer is swigged.


Don’t toast your beer glass in Hungary. In 1848, 13 revolutionaries were executed for leading an uprising against Austria. Austrian officials celebrated their deaths by toasting…and it’s since been considered very bad form to do this in Hungary.


Beer is never taken with dinner. (That’s the territory of wine.) Instead, beer is drank primarily in tiny, quick-service bars colloquially referred to as “Holes in the Wall.” You go in, you order your drink, you consume it fast, and then you leave. It’s like fast food, but with beer!
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