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6 Completely Unnecessary Kitchen Gadgets

July 13, 2017

Some kitchen tools are must-haves because they do so many different things—a food processor can chop and blend and mix, for example. In other words, they’re useful necessities. Unlike these real kitchen gadgets you can actually buy.

Musical Cake Slicer

Isn’t it so hard to cut a birthday cake and sing “Happy Birthday” at the same time? If that’s a problem for you, then you should invest in the Musical Cake Slice, a cake knife with a sound chip that plays “Happy Birthday” as well as “Jingle Bells” and “The Wedding March.”

Butter Wizard

With a name like Butter Wizard, one would think this tabletop gadget magically turns milk or cream into butter while you wait. It doesn’t. It’s a little box that keeps butter at an ideal temperature (and soft) for up to two hours. (In other words, at room temperature—no ButterWizard necessary.)

Pepper Grinder

Fresh ground pepper is a nice addition to steaks or salads, and this grinder grinds peppercorns into a fine dust at the push of a button. What’s kind of weird about it is that it also has a bright LED light on it, so you can see exactly what you’re peppering.

Devil Oven Pull

Pulling hot pans out of an oven is a burn waiting to happen—unless you’re careful and use oven mitts or a potholder, the way people have been doing for hundreds of years. But in case you’ve never heard of those things, there’s the Devil Oven Pull. It’s a piece of plastic with a chunk cut out of one end that hooks onto a pot so you can pull it out. (And then take it out of the oven the rest of the way with a potholder.)


Similar to the Oven Pull in both design and necessity is the Dipr. It holds onto cookies, allowing for hands-free milk dunking.

Avocados Slicer

Avocados are so soft and easy to slice that a knife isn’t even necessary—a spoon works just fine. Or you can purchase the Avocado Slicer, which uses a series of thin plastic bars to slice half of an avocado all at once.

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