Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Random Facts About This Year’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Nominees

November 28, 2017

Here’s a little bit about a bunch of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’s list of acts that may be officially enshrined early next year. 
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

The Moody Blues

Before they picked “The Moody Blues,” the group was called the M&B Five, named after Mitchell and Butler, the Birmingham, England, pub that sponsored them.


The British band released their first album, Pablo Honey, in 1993 — which they waited two years to record after signing a recording contract because members of the band wanted to finish college first.

The Cars

For kickstarting the New Wave movement in the late ‘70s with songs like “Just What I Needed” and “My Best Friend’s Girl,” Rolling Stone and Creem named the Cars the best new artist of 1978. They were nominated for the Grammy for Best New Artist but lost to disco flash-in-the-plan A Taste of Honey.

Linda Wray

The late guitarist is credited with introducing two very iconic elements of rock n’ roll in the 1950s: distortion and the power chord.


Members Dave Stewart and Annie Lennox were romantically involved, but not while they were in the Eurythmics. They were together while playing in a prior band called the Tourists. Shortly after they left that band, they formed the Eurythmics, and then they split up (as a couple).

Kate Bush

With her debut single “Wuthering Heights” in 1978, Bush became the first woman in British history to score a #1 hit with a song she wrote herself.

Depeche Mode

The synth-pop band’s first primary songwriter was Vince Clark, but he left the band in 1982. He went on to form a few more important ‘80s synth-driven bands: Erasure and Yaz.

The MC5

The Detroit based band have been called the inventors of punk rock. The name stands for “Motor City 5” as a nod to their hometown, but they came up with the acronym first, because a band member though that it sounded like the name of a car part.

LL Cool J

What do all those initials stand for? “Ladies Love Cool James.”

Bon Jovi

How did the band get the name for its 12 million-selling album Slippery When Wet? They got the idea after visiting at a strip club that had a shower on stage, which made things “slippery when wet” for the performers.

Sister Rosetta Tharpe

The name might not be as familiar as some of the others on this list, but she had a huge influence on early rock n’ roll. Her mixture of gospel, jazz, and R&B in the 1930s and 1940s influenced the first rock stars, such as Little Richard, Chuck Berry, and Jerry Lee Lewis.

Geils Band

It’s one of the few bands in rock history that bears the name of and individual, and that individual is not the lead singer. J. Geils was the group’s guitarist.

Judas Priest

After lead singer Rob Halford left the British heavy metal band in the mid-1990s, the band hired Tim “Ripper” Owens as his replacement. Owens main performing experience to that point was fronting a Judas Priest cover band.

Rage Against the Machine

In 1996, they performed their politically charged hit “Bulls on Parade,” on Saturday Night Live. The band decorated their amps with upside-down American flags, and SNL producers asked them to remove them, afraid it would upset the episode’s host, presidential candidate Steve Forbes. Rather than comply, they played one song instead of the customary two and left the studio.

The Zombies

Keyboardist Rod Argent wrote the band’s song “The Way I Feel Inside” during a pit stop on a 1964 tour. Quite literally — he wrote it while he was in the bathroom.