Fast Food (Abomi)Nations!

May 10, 2018

Today is Eat What You Want Day…but your doctor would probably advise you to skip most of these fast-food gut-bombs anyway.

Sweet bird

There’s more than one way to bread and fry a chicken. You can dredge pieces in flour, or corn flakes, for example. Or, you could go to Popeye’s and have some sweet and savory chicken tenders coated in a breading made from shortbread cookie batter.

Never joke about meat 

In 2014, Arby’s ran ad showing off that it sold more than just its famous roast beef sandwiches. The commercial depicted a pile of all the meats available at the fast food chain, such as turkey, ham, corned beef, steak, brisket, chicken tenders, bacon, and roast beef (plus two kinds of cheese). People didn’t know the sandwich was a joke, and Arby’s received so many requests that it added an actual sandwich featuring all of its meats to its menu. It was called, appropriately enough, The Meat Mountain.

Hamburgers and hot dogs 

In the summer of 2015, Hardee’s didn’t think diners should have to choose between those summer-time grill favorites of hamburgers and hot dogs…so they combined them. The Most American Thickburger consisted of a half-pound of beef topped with the usual burger trimmings like lettuce, tomato, cheese, and onions…but also a hot dog sliced lengthwise and a handful of potato chips.

Extra cheese 

Some people don’t like a bunch of meats or vegetables on their pizza—a plain cheese pie is fine for them. Then there’s the Mac n’ Cheese Pizza from CiCi’s Pizza. It starts with a buttery crust, then a typical cheese blend on top…and then a few scoops of creamy macaroni and cheese.

It really popped

Don’t forget dessert! In 2013, Carl’s Jr. combined the super-sweet breakfast treat for people on the go…with a huge slab of ice cream. The Strawberry Pop Tart Ice Cream Sandwich was like a sandwich in that instead of bread it used Pop Tarts, and in between was a healthy portion of vanilla ice cream. This isn’t Carl’s Jr.’s only weird dessert sandwich. They also occasionally sell the Ice Cream Burger. It looks just like a hamburger, except the buns are cookies, the meat is chocolate ice cream, and the ketchup is a fruity topping.