Father's Day Gift Guide

The 2018 Father’s Day Gift Guide

May 31, 2018

On behalf of dads and fathers everywhere—don’t get your pop another tie or some kind of golf-related item or barbecue accessory this Father’s Day. He hates wearing ties, and he has all the golf balls and novelty aprons he’s ever going to need. Let Uncle John help you pick out the perfect gift for Dad—a trivia or humor book tailored to his unique tastes.


Uncle John's Old Faithful Bathroom ReaderAccording to an unscientific survey (a lot of our readers have told us), the largest segment of Bathroom Reader readers are dads. Perhaps it’s because they spend a lot of time in “the reading room,” or maybe it’s because our annual book of trivia provides two things dads love: unbelievably interesting fun facts…and value. (We pack a lot of material into just 500 pages—all killer, no filler!) Old Faithful is the latest entry in the long-running Bathroom Reader canon. Our 30th edition, it’s got stories dad will enjoy, like the inside scoop on the creator of his favorite movie series (James Bond), friendships that developed our of political rivalries, the weirdest animals ever discovered, and the very latest in toilet technology.


Strange Crime

Does your dad like mystery novels, or crime shows, and always fingers the culprit before the detectives do? He’ll love Strange Crime, a look into law, order, crime, justice…and just how weird it can be. Here’s a book about celebrities turned criminals, the dumbest criminals to ever

almost get away with a crime, bizarrely unsolved mysteries, looney laws from the around the world, and other stuff he’ll lock up in his brain. (If your dad just likes the strange-but-true, we also recommend Strange History and Strange Science.)


Who Knew? Questions That Will Make You Think AgainRemember when you were little and you followed your dad around all day and asked him questions about how the world worked and why, and he’d dutifully answer every single one? Dads must get those answers from somewhere—and that somewhere could just be a book like Who Knew? Help Dad spread the secrets of the universe by being able to answer the questions everybody has asked, like “why do elephants have huge ears?” and “what’s the difference between fog and mist?”


The Top 100 Classic Radio ShowsWho knows what Dad wants for Father’s Day? The Shadow knows. Before podcasts and before TV shows, dads relaxed at the end of the day or on Saturday afternoons with radio dramas. If your dad is the kind of guy who loves classic entertainment like these, he’ll love exploring the Golden Age of Radio with The Top 100 Classic Radio Shows, a book full of profiles and facts about the most memorable shows of the 1930s and 1940s, such as The War of the Worlds and The Shadow.


Dad JokesThere’s something about fatherhood that triggers a biological shift in a man’s brain…one that makes him love totally cheesy jokes. Dad Jokes is the best collection of cringe-inducing, groan-worthy jokes ever assembled. Covering everything from home life to food to husband jokes, your dad will appreciate the mostly pun-based hilarity. (Here’s a sample on a topic close to Dad’s heart: yard maintenance. “Did you hear about the houses next door to each other that fell in love? It’s a lawn-distance relationship.” Ha!)


How to Fight a Bear and WinWhat’s a dad’s natural habitat, besides out in the backyard mowing the lawn? Out in the woods, roughing it…or pitching a tent at a campground, sort of roughing it. The wild blue yonder calls out loud and clear to dads, and they want to know that they’ve got what it takes to survive out there, should anything bad happen. To give Dad the skills he needs (with tongue firmly in cheek), gift him How to Fight a Bear…and Win. He’ll learn how to live off the land, be he stranded in the forest, jungle, or desert. He’ll finally know what bugs he can eat, and how to avoid sunstroke by hiding out in a shelter he made himself out of animal dung.