Race Cars

Reuse Your Empty Toilet Paper Rolls

September 13, 2018

The Toilet Roll Activity BookWhat do you do with all your empty toilet paper rolls? Instead of putting them into the recycling bin, turn them into fun craft creations with The Toilet Roll Activity Book. With step-by-step instructions and full-color illustrations for more than two dozen projects suitable for all ages, this book will help you turn those plain cardboard tubes into colorful, whimsical decorations and gifts for your family and friends!
To get you started, scroll down for a sample project out of the book. This is just a taste, as The Toilet Roll Activity Book contains over 30 terrific toilet-roll creations.

These little vehicles are based on classic racing cars. VROOM!
To make one car you will need:

    • Paint in assorted colors
    • Paintbrush
    • 1 toilet-roll tube
    • Black felt-tip pen
    • Scissors
    • White glue
  • 4 black or gray buttons of similar size

1. Paint the toilet-roll tube in one color on the outside only, and leave to dry completely. Once dry, paint on details, such as racing stripes and a circle. Once the paint is completely dry, write a racing number in the circle with a black felt tip pen.

2. Squash the tube down slightly so it is an oval shape.

3. On top of the tube, behind the racing number, cut two parallel slits going lengthwise, then another horizontal slit to join them, making an “H” shape.

4. This should make two flaps. Bend the front flap up to make a windscreen and fold the back flap down to make a seat.

5. Glue the four buttons to the sides of the toilet-roll tube, two at the front and two at the back to make the wheels.

Race CarsFor more fun crafts, check out The Toilet Roll Activity Book.