These Silly Golf Gadgets Are Up to Par

September 11, 2018

Is there a golfer in your life? Then you know that the one things golfers love more than golf are silly golf gadgets and weird golf stuff. (Oh, and ugly plaid pants. Golfers, love those, too.)

Potty Putter

We don’t want to encourage doing anything to pass the time in the bathroom other that reading Bathroom Readers (or this here Bathroom Reader blog), but if don’t have a shelf or Wi-Fi in the loo, you can give the Potty Putter a try. It’s a “toilet time golf game” consisting of a small “green,” a plastic hole (with a flag on it), some balls, and a half size putter that can be used while, uh, sitting.

Hockey Stick Putter

Happy Gilmore is one of the best golf movies ever made. Adam Sandler stars as a failed hockey player who becomes a successful golfer when he applies his aggressive slap shot-shooting style to the course. The Hockey Stick Putter means you can be just like Happy—it’s a putter made to look like a big wooden hockey stick.

Hot Biscuits Golf Ball Warmer

We’re not sure how accurate the science behind the product may be, but according to the ad for The Hot Biscuits Golf Ball Warmer, the warmer a golf ball is, the farther it will travel when struck—as far as “16 percent” longer, supposedly. The Hot Biscuits device looks like an egg carton made of plastic that golfers are supposed to plug in to their car’s cigarette lighter on the way to the country club, where the balls are heated to “optimum temperature,” whatever that means.

Uro Club

Speaking of places where golf and bathrooms collide, there’s the Uro Club (which was probably thusly named because “Potty Putter” was already taken). Say you’re way out there on the 13th hole and need to relieve yourself, too far from the clubhouse and with too much game left to just wait it out. That’s when you reach for the Uro Club. It’s a fake, hollow golf club…that men can discreetly, well, fill.


Golfers love a good joke…at the expense of another golfer’s score, that is. The Eject-A-Putt is the golf course equivalent of those birthday candles that keep relighting themselves after they’re blown out. This plastic device can be subtly placed inside any golf course hole. When a ball rolls into the cup, the Eject-A-Putt literally springs into action—bouncing up and sending the ball right back out onto the green. Ha!