It’s Almost Wolfenoot!

November 16, 2018

Here’s the lowdown — and adorable origin story — of the world’s newest and fluffiest holiday.

A day just for dogs

There are so many holidays to celebrate different members of the family — Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and Grandparents Day, for example. A seven-year-old boy decided that we need a day just for dogs. Enter Wolfenoot.

An invisible dog version of Santa

On September 27, a Facebook user named Jax Goss rote a post about her seven-year-old son’s idea for a day to honor the “spirit of the wolf” as well as dogs, and people who are nice to dogs. Like an invisible dog version of Santa, it plays out with the embodiment of the Spirit of the Wolf hiding small presents around the house for all humans, but the ones who love dogs the most get the best presents. Then, the family retires to a feast of roasted meat (because wolves and dogs like meat) followed by a cake that’s decorated to look like a full moon (which wolves also enjoy). Another way to celebrate: Spend the day being nice to your dog, or other people’s dogs, or just animals in general.

Its first official observance: November 23

Goss’s post exploded in popularity with her friends, and then she made it public, and it went viral on the internet, because if there’s one thing internet denizens love, it’s dogs. Result: Wolfenoot will be celebrated by tens of thousands of people on its first official observance of November 23.

“The Great Wolf’s Death”

Why November 23? Well, it’s a nice coincidence that a full moon rises on that day. But Goss’s son says Wolfenoot (pronounced “WOLF-uh-noot”) must and will fall every year on November 23 because that marks the anniversary of “The Great Wolf’s Death.”

Donating to animal shelters

It falls on the day after Thanksgiving this year, a.k.a. Black Friday, because the Goss family lives in New Zealand, where American Thanksgiving isn’t celebrated. But that’s a big weekend for roast meat, so it’s easy to fold Wolfenoot into the festivities. The Gosses also strongly encourage donating to animal shelters as part of one’s Wolfenoot celebration.


Will you celebrate Wolfenoot? What will you get your dog?