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The Biggest News From 2019

January 14, 2019

We can’t look into the future…but these people with psychic abilities say that they can. Here are some major events we can all apparently look forward to this year.

The celebrity update

Nicolas Aujula is technically 33, but at the age of 17 he claims he discovered that he’d been re-incarnated several times. In one of his past lives, he was the queen of Egypt. Slipping through the past enabled Aujula to see into the future as well. Coming up in 2019, he says: Taylor Swift will get engaged, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will have a baby girl, and 51-year-old Oscar winning-actress Nicole Kidman will announce that she’s pregnant.

Noah the Time Traveler predicts….

A man who calls himself Noah made the media rounds with his predictions for 2019, but he’s not a psychic…he claims to be a time traveler visiting the present, journeying back from the year 2030. (That’s why he earned the nickname “Noah the Time Traveler.” In a video outlining the next decade and change, Noah claims that in the coming months, multiple factions of aliens will crash-land on Earth and quickly assimilate into society and live peacefully among us. (They’ll be the ones who are “slender” and have “bold skin,” whatever that is.) These friendly aliens come from Planet Louis. Noah also says we’ve got a lot more on the horizon, such as a snowstorm that will destroy major cities in the Midwest and the development of a computer chip that will allow the paralyzed to walk.

Is Elon Musk ok?

An online future-teller who calls herself Psychic Nikki agrees with Noah the Time Traveler. She predicts a spaceship to land on the planet by the end of 2019. She also thinks tech entrepreneur Elon Musk’s health could be in jeopardy if he doesn’t stop smoking. (Oh, and Lady Gaga will win an Oscar for A Star is Born.)

Who will die?

According to psychic Rebecca Watson, 2019 will bring with it the deaths of some high-profile celebrities. That’s a pretty safe bet (spoiler alert: everybody dies at some point), and Watson predicts that some of the oldest and most established famous people will leave us this year, including Kenny Rogers, Clint Eastwood, Kirk Douglas, and Jimmy Carter. She also foresees the somewhat shocking death of 55-year-old former Saturday Night Live star Rob Schneider, as well as an unnamed actress “in her twenties.”

What did Nostradamus predict for 2019?

Perhaps the most famous psychic or future-seer of all, Nostradamus, even had some very specific ideas for 2019. Back in 1555, he wrote Les Propheties, in which he predicted an economic breakdown, a massive global conflict, and major earthquake. Uh-oh…

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