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Uncle John’s Favorite Fictional Toilets

January 24, 2019

Uncle John loves toilets, of course…even make-believe ones. Here are some of the best, not-quite-real commodes to ever grace movies and TV.

Mr. Toilet Man

The talking baby movie Look Who’s Talking proved so popular in 1989 that a sequel, Look Who’s Talking Too, hit theaters a year later. This one finds babies (voiced by Bruce Willis and Damon Wayans) now toddler aged, and facing down potty-training. They’re terrified of the waste-devouring toilet, and they image him to be a snarling monster named Mr. Toilet Man.

The Love Toilet

In 1991, Saturday Night Live aired a commercial parody for a fictional product that Uncle John’s wishes were real. Kevin Nealon and Victoria Jackson portray two people so in love that they do everything together — eating, sleeping, even bathing. They even do that one thing everybody does by themselves together, with the aid of “The Love Toilet.” It’s two complete toilets, joined together, but facing opposite directions so lovers can do their business while staring into each other’s eyes.


“O.T. The Outside Toilet” is a 2013 episode of the Fox animated series Bob’s Burgers which parodied E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial. Instead of a friendly and helpless alien, however, young Gene Belcher encounters in the woods a state-of-the-art, high-tech talking toilet that’s low on its battery charge. It apparently costs $14,000, fell off a truck, and Gene and his friends have to hide it when the truck driver who lost it comes looking. That’s because Gene considers it his best friend, because it’s programmed to recognize a user’s speech patterns and oral requests to ensure the best possible bathroom experience. (Jon Hamm voiced the commode.)

Koohl Toilet

In 2016, SNL added another classic, not-actually-commercially-available toilet to the public consciousness. And, finally, it’s a toilet that allows whoever uses it to look “cool,” or at least as cool as a leather-jacket wearing bad boy. Guest host Benedict Cumberbatch models the “Koohl Toilet” while wearing sunglasses and a leather jacket as black as the toilet itself. What makes it so cool? You sit on it backwards, like a rebel.


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