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Life in the Year 2019 (According to the Movies)

February 8, 2019

If some old science-fiction movies set in the once distant year of 2019, are to be believed, we’re all in for a terrible time.

Hunted for sport

Criminals convicted under America’s totalitarian police system are creatively sentenced to star on a reality game show called The Running Man, where they’re hunted for sport by professional killers. (The Running Man, 1987)


The wealthiest, most glamorous people worry not about the crumbling state of the world because they can clone themselves, and those clones live on an isolated island commune utopia. (The Island, 2005)

Nuclear war

Humanity is almost eradicated about a nuclear war, reduced to a handful of survival tribes who compete with each other for what’s left of food and water, as well as a roving band called “Templars” devoted to killing off everyone to rid the planet of humanity forever. (The New Barbarians, 1983)

Natural disasters

Climate change-related natural disasters become too catastrophic for humanity to handle, but governments fix it by enlisting top scientists to create a system of weather-controlling satellites. Everything’s fine…until the satellites stop working. (Geostorm, 2017)


In technology-overrun, overcrowded cities filled with skyscrapers and neon lights, humans bump up against “replicants,” who are engineered superhumans that the powers that be want killed. (Blade Runner, 1982)

Biker gangs

Tokyo is destroyed by nuclear bombs in 1988, and World War III rages. Peace is eventually reached, but by 2019 the rebuilt Tokyo, now Neo-Tokyo, is ravaged by government corruption is more or less ruled by a series of brutal biker gangs. (Akira, 1988)

Blood harvesting

A worldwide epidemic strikes, turning the vast majority of humans into vampires. There isn’t enough blood / food to go around, and those starved of blood turn into crazed zombie-like creatures. In order to feed them, what few humans are left are held captive in lab farms where their blood is harvested. (Daybreakers, 2009)



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