Weird Golf Rules!

March 11, 2019

We’re not sure if “weird golf” is a thing, let alone if it “rules,” but here are  some strange and odd stipulations golfers must follow when they’re out there on the links.

Cactus dangers

The golf rule book seems to have every contingency covered, including what to do if a hit ball lands by a cactus. Players may wrap their arm or leg in a towel if it’s in danger of touching the cactus when hitting the ball, but they may not wrap the cactus in towels.

Testing the wind

It’s perfectly fine to test the direct and strength of the wind — after all, that’s going to affect how far and to where a hit golf ball will travel. The golf rule book says players can do that if they use an object not primarily designed to test the wind — so most blow cigarette smoke, throw some grass in the air, or let go of a handkerchief. Objects specifically made to test the wind are not allowed to test the wind, like a windsock for example.

Water hazards

Water hazards are a major annoyance in golf. (That’s why they call them “hazards.”) A shot hit into water may be removed with a penalty stroke assessed. But what happens if the ball doesn’t rest in the water, and instead moves with the current of the wet stuff? Golfers are free to try to hit that ball in motion.

Hitting through a window

Let’s say a golfer hits a soaring shot that goes so far it sails through the air…and through the open window of the course’s clubhouse. According to the rules, that isn’t out of bounds. Players may hit the ball from where it resides without a penalty shot, and attempt to hit their ball back through an open window (or door) to get it back onto the fairway.

Wiping the ball

Golfing in the early morning can be a delightful experience, but the conditions may leave a layer of morning dew on a ball. Wiping it off at any time before the first shot of a hole carries a two-stroke penalty.

Hitting your golf mate

What are you supposed to do if you hit your ball…and then it hits a member of your golfing foursome, even though they’re standing out of fair play? Well, if the ball rolls out of bounds after striking your probably irritated friend, you can just replay the shot, with no penalty strokes added to your score.