Interesting Ballpark Foods—2019 Edition

April 9, 2019

The baseball season has begun, and what better way to fill the long gaps between pitches by filling up your belly? Here are some of the most creative, interesting, and daunting concession items now available at Major League ballparks.

Foot long hot dogs are yesterday’s news. They’re downright tiny when you compare them to the Going Yard at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles. It’s a beast of a 16.5-inch sausage filled with jalapeño cheddar sauce. And then it’s topped with onions, corn, avocado relish, and sour cream. Similarly, Busch Stadium, home of the St. Louis Cardinals, Jason offer The Mega Slice, a 16-inch long slice of pizza.

But if foot longs are still your thing, check out Minute Maid Park in Houston. They’ve got one there inspired by a Texas regional favorite: the Fritos chili cheese pie. The Fritos Pie Corn Dog is a foot long wiener, battered in ground Fritos, fried, and topped with chili and cheese.

It’s been said that they “do things bigger in Texas,” and that’s true for Global Life Park, home of the Texas Rangers. They’ve unveiled probably the biggest chicken tender in history. The Fowl Pole is a two-pound hunk of battered, fried, boneless chicken. (And you get waffles fries with it.)

An egg roll can apparently be anything you can stuff into an egg roll wrapper and then toss in a deep fryer. To that end, Comerica Park in Detroit now sells a Coney Dog Egg Roll. It looks like an extra-large egg roll, but instead of cabbage inside, there’s an entire chili dog in there. Over at the Great American Ball Park in Cincinnati, the Bulgogi Beef Egg Rolls some stuffed with Korean-style grilled beef and spicy Gyochujang sauce.

Putting things that aren’t ice cream into ice cream cones seems to be a trend. At Target Field in Minnesota, they serve a Chicken and Waffle Cone. It’s a huge waffle cone stuffed with chicken tenders and a thick slab of bacon, and drenched in maple syrup. Over at PNC Park in Pittsburgh, they’ve got the Pittsburgh Cone. It’s a waffle cone filled with local favorites: a kielbasa sausage, a pierogi, Swiss cheese, sauerkraut, and Russian dressing.

Or maybe just some simple, Southern-style, good old fashioned fried chicken is your thing. SunTrust Park in Atlanta sells fried chicken. Or rather it sells a fried chicken. At the Braves’ park, you can buy an entire, whole bird that’s been deep-fried all at once.