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Dick Tracy Vs.…

June 21, 2019

The Dick Tracy movie hit theaters last week in 1990, reviving the 1930s comic strip franchise for a new generation. To demonstrate just now “ugly” the crimes committed by the bad guys in this law and order comic strip could be, creator Chester Gould made the villains physically grotesque.

An original Dick Tracy movie poster.

P.S. Tone

The P.S. stands for Pear-Shape. He ran a scam mail-order weight-loss company, although he himself was pear-shaped with a large stomach and rear end. 

Little Face

He either had a normal-sized face and a really big head, or a normal-sized head and a tiny face. Either way, his features take up a very small portion of cranial real estate.


Did this guy have to drink a lot of coffee to toil away in the criminal underworld all night? Because his head was shaped exactly like a coffee pot.


A lawyer and member of an organized crime circuit, he was always wincing. Probably because flies were always circling his face. (Hence the name.)


Poor Shaky suffered from a never-ending case of “the shakes.” He treated his condition with frequent pulls on a bottle of what he claimed was nerve tonic.


He wasn’t a man on the inside kind of mole, but resembled an actual mole. He’d let gangsters hide out in his property (like a mole hole), liked to dig in the dirt, and had a pointy head and a hairy face (like a mole).

Flattop Jones

The entire top of this hitman’s head was completely flat.

Prune Face

Appearing in Dick Tracy comics in the early 1940s, he was a spy and secret Nazi sympathizer who tried to undermine Allied efforts in World War II. He didn’t exactly blend into the background, what with his drooping features and face so wrinkled that it looked as if it had melted.

The Blank

This aptly named character had no face…no face at all.

Ugly Christine

Her long black hair always draped over her face, concealing entirely what readers could only guess was not the prettiest of faces.

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