Happy Father’s Day to the Heroic Dads Out There

June 12, 2019

A lot of people think of their father as their hero…especially the kids of the dads in these amazing news stories.

Hero Dad vs. Speeding Car

Early in the evening of November 16, 2018, Michael Devore and his 11-year-old daughter were walking through a crosswalk in Los Angeles. They’d nearly crossed the street when a red car came barreling at them. The kid would’ve been the one to get hit first, and, thinking incredibly fast, Devore pushed her out of the way. The car hit him, and he suffered a broken femur in his leg. He was laid up for three months but his daughter suffered just a few scratches. 

Hero Dad vs. Dingo

In April 2019, an Australian family (unnamed in news reports) took their camper van on an excursion to the popular camping spot of Fraser Island. In the middle of the night, the parents awoke to a sound of screaming, which became increasingly distant. They realized those were the sounds of dingoes, those wild and dangerous dogs native to Australia. They also realized that their 14-month-old son was gone. The father jumped out of the van and spotted the dingo that had snuck into their vehicle and carried off his young son. He chased the dog down, fought him off, and reclaimed his son. The child suffered a minor fracture and puncture wounds, but survived what would’ve otherwise been a fatal attack.

Hero Dad vs. Shark

17-year-old Paige Winter was hanging out with her family at Atlantic Beach in North Carolina in June 2019, wading in waist-deep water just off the shore. But that’s deep enough for sharks, and one attacked Winter, pulling her under the surface. That’s when her father, Charlie Winter, also attacked. He went after the shark with his daughter in its grip. According to his mother Janet Winter, who was present, Charlie delivered five punches to the shark’s face, which ultimately led it to drop Paige and swim away. Paige Winter was airlifted to a hospital for emergency surgery to treat the deep lacerations in her left leg. Doctors had to amputate the appendage, but her father, a firefighter and a paramedic, likely saved her life.