Look Out, Spider-Man, It’s…Big Wheel?

June 23, 2019

Spider-Man is one of comicdom’s most popular, famous, and adaptable superheroes — the eighth big-budget movie about the teen web-slinger made since 2000 hits theaters this summer. Spider-Man: Far from Home features Mysterio, one of the more well-known villains from the comics. These others will probably never make it to the big screen.

The Spot

Picture a guy wearing a white leotard with black spots that covers his entire body. While that makes him look like a Dalmatian man, those black circles are actually holes. His power is that he can turn himself into a sentient hole…and even travel through that hole.


The story goes that sometime during the 1960s, The Daily Bugle, employer of photographer Peter Parker (spoiler alert: He’s Spider-Man) ran an editorial about professional wrestling, which led to an investigation and a loss of a wrestling license by pro grappler Maxwell Markham. A decade later, he hit the newspaper’s offices to exact his revenge: Under the name Grizzly, he wore a mechanical suit that gave him the appearance and strength of a grizzly bear. (Since Spider-Man was easily summoned, and easily defeated the bad guy.)

The Iguana

Like a normal iguana, he could break into a weird stare, which he used to hypnotize his foes. But seeing as how he was extremely sensitive to bright light, this humanoid lizard spent most of his time trying to convince Spider-Man to enter a dark space, where he could then use his stare to hypnotize him into position. 

The Hypno-Hustler

Antoine Delsoin was just your average disco-funk guitarist (he showed up in a 1978 Spider-Man comic) until he figured out that he could make a lot more money if he used his guitar skills to play a jam so hypnotic that audiences would fork over their wallets and jewelry. The Hypno-Hustler was in business…until Peter Parker attended one of his shows and defeated him.


Fritz von Meyer was once an ex-Nazi scientists who escaped to Argentina for a life of anonymity and beekeeping. But then he came across a group of mutant bees, and after he tried to be their master by killing their queen, the bees ate all of the guy’s flesh and took over his body and brain. Thus was created Swarm, a man-shaped, uh, swarm, of Nazi bees.

Big Wheel

An embezzling businessman named Jackson Weele decided to up the bad guy ante and make himself into a super-powered supervillain. Since his name was already “Weele,” he terrorized Spider-Man and innocent people by riding around in a big wheel outfitted with guns. (Eventually, Weele quit the criminal life and joined Vil-Anon, a support group that helped villains turn good. Really.)