2019 Gift Guide

Don’t Panic! Holiday Gift Guide

November 21, 2019

The gift-giving (and receiving) holidays are on their way — you can just about hear the jingling bells in the distance and make out those flickering candle flames. The perfect gift for any occasion: a book. And we’ve got you covered — we’ve got lots of books for every taste!

For the paternal cornball

YOU: I’m in need of a gift for my goofy, joke-loving dad!

DAD JOKES DAILY CALENDAR: Hi, in need of a gift for my goofy, joke-loving dad. I’m in the Dad Jokes Daily Calendar 2020. There’s a groan (or chuckle) –inducing joke, quip, or gag for all 365 days of the year.

For the K-pop fanatic

Is your cousin of a certain age, say 12 to 17, and completely obsessed with the utterly delightful boy band BTS and its many catchy tunes? Then he or she is going to love BTS: K-Pop Kings, a fan guide full of information about the group’s rise to stardom (and lots and lots of pictures).

For those who “puzzle” and “a-maze”

Your fun uncle was king of the arcade back in the ‘80s, and you’ve probably heard once or 50 times about how he still holds the high scores on both Tetris and Pac-Man. Take him on a nostalgic trip back with Tetris Puzzles and Pac-Man Puzzles, each a compendium of video game-inspired visual brainteasers and puzzles.

For the spy on the sly

If there’s someone on your list contemplating a career change in the new year and who also loves spy movies, spy novels, and spy gadgets, set them on the right course with Are You Smart Enough to Be a Secret Agent? It’ll test their skills — and help them develop new ones — to be as cool and crafty as 007.

For the pub trivia master

What’s the perfect gift for almost everyone? A book with a little bit of something for everyone, or in the case of the trivia-and-fascinating-knowledge-packed Uncle John’s Truth, Trivia, and the Pursuit of Factiness Bathroom Reader, there’s a lot of something for anybody who likes history, entertainment, science, food, the world, and the weird and wonderful.

For the pop-culture fanatic

There’s a reason people call the movie-making capital of the world “Hollyweird” — it’s a strange place full of never made movies, outlandish artists, feuds, ill-fated stunts, and spooky urban legends. All that and more can be found in Strange Hollywood, the ideal gift for the pop culture obsessive. (For a similar askew take on other subjects, check out Strange Science, Strange Crime, and Strange History.)

For those eternally curious

Who knew that there were so many stories out there that you never heard about in all your years of school? The authors of the “Who Knew?” series did, that’s who. Who Knew? Women in History delivers the powerful and inspiring tales of women who boldly changed the world, while Who Knew? Physics and Who Knew? Human Anatomy break down into understandable terms just how this complex, life-filled universe works.