A Look Back at What Was Supposed to Happen in 2020 (According to Psychics)

January 7, 2021

This was a wild, harrowing, and unpredictable year… and one that self-proclaimed psychics somehow didn’t see coming. Here are some events that psychics claimed were supposed to happen in 2020.

  • The world may have avoided a catastrophic attack by this man — psychic Sidney Friedman ominously predicted that “cookies” would “disappear.” Friedman also said that a pillow fight would make national headlines and that a major election would lead to “a warp of space and time.”
  • According to psychic Judy Hevenly, President Donald Trump would win re-election, defeating the Democratic nominee, who she predicted would be either Michael Bloomberg or Elizabeth Warren. In other political news, 2020 will mark the year that Queen Elizabeth will retire from her duties as a monarch at the age of 95. Hevenly also promised a big night at the Academy Awards for The Irishman, predicting it would win Best Picture, Best Director (for Martin Scorsese) and Best Supporting Actor (Joe Pesci).
  • Renowned psychic Betsey Lewis foretold a gasoline crisis, with shortages not seen since the 1970s. Lewis said gas stations in the U.S. would leave customers no choice but to pay highly inflated prices for gas, a rarity after American drones bomb Saudi Arabian oil fields.

  • Lewis also said that the Dalai Lama would suffer from severe health problems and would pass away by year’s end. Meanwhile, Ellen DeGeneres would file to divorce her wife, actress Portia de Rossi.
  • Baba Vanga is known as a mystic and the “Balkan Nostradamus” for the major and apocalyptic nature of her psychic predictions over the years. According to her, 2020 would see a huge increase in seismic activity. Earthquakes in Japan would prove so devastating that the 2020 Summer Olympics, scheduled to be held in the country, would be interrupted for a few days
  • “Psychic Nikki,” purportedly a “psychic to the stars” predicted that the Democratic presidential ticket would include a woman. While Nikki nailed that part (Kamala Harris was elected Vice President), she didn’t get the identity correct, attesting that the spot would go to Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama, or Oprah Winfrey. Psychic Nikki was also positive that ‘70s R&B group Earth, Wind, and Fire would make a huge comeback in 2020.
  • However, prominent psychics weren’t all wrong: Before the year began, British psychic Nicolas Aujula believed that the world of 2020 would experience global protests and a pandemic.

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