Searching For A Word?

November 1, 2022

Sometimes it can be tough to find the words to say what you mean. It’s almost as if life itself is a word search, except instead of looking for the just-perfect string of letters inside a grid of letters, you’re doing that with your brain’s language center. Here are some rare, obscure, and strange terms—each with an extremely specific meaning.

Apricate: to lie around in and enjoy the sunshine.

Sonder: when one realize that strangers have lives as complicated as one’s own.

Morgenfrisk: feeling rested after a night of quality, restful sleep.

Douceur: a bribe.

Oienomel: something both strong and sweet.

Doss: to take a spontaneous nap, right wherever you are.

Furphy: a rumor.

Elflock: tangled or matted hair.

Metanoia: a radical change in one’s personal philosophy or outlook.

Deipnosophist: one who is excellent at dinner conversation.

Balter: to dance poorly but have a good time nonetheless.

Lucida: a constellation’s brightest star.

Overmorrow: the day after tomorrow.

Yestreen: yesterday, at night.

Pecksniffian: hypocritical.

Morii: the desperate need to document a spontaneous moment with a photograph or a video.

Sturmfrei: the exhilarating feeling of freedom associated with being alone.

Hygge: a sense of warmth and contentment.

Lustrum: half of a decade, or five years.

Eximious: distinguished in one’s field.

Ovoid: egg-shaped.

Sagittate: arrowhead-shaped.

Mythomane: a person prone to lying.

Gigil: the compulsion to hug or squeeze a loved one.

Obnubilate: to purposely obscure.

Mulligrubs: a bad mood.

Accismus: the act of pretending to not be interested in something that one absolutely, passionately desires.

Limerance: a state of anxiety that results from feeling romantically attracted to someone and having a deep need to have them like you back.

Nemophilist: one with a keen to passionate interest in forests.

Uhtceare: the feeling of waking up too early with a sense of anxiety or worry.

Prevaricate: to give a meandering, wishy-washy answer rather than be decisive and direct.

Crepuscular: it describes an animal who is most active at dusk and at dawn.

Exulansis: the impulse to stop talking about a unique or profound experience because others can’t relate.

Sagacious: wise.

Fatuous: ridiculous.

Absquatulate: to quickly or spontaneously leave a place or gathering without announcing it or saying goodbye to anyone.

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