Portable Press’s Ho-Ho-Holiday Gift Guide 2022

December 8, 2022

By Brian Boone

In case you didn’t notice the holiday season has arrived. If you need a list, Portable Press has you covered — books make the perfect gifts, and we’ve got a little something for almost everyone.

For the Trivia Champion

Uncle John’s Awesome 35th Anniversary Bathroom Reader

Everybody knows that person who’s ready with a fun fact or bite-sized bit of knowledge — the kind of person who leads their pub quiz team to victory and plays along with Jeopardy! The most efficient source of fascinating and entertaining information this year, as has been the case for 35 years, is Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader. The 35th edition consists of more than 400 pages of trivia, stories, and more on every topic, from science to history to pop culture to the silliness of modern life.

For the Extremely Online Sarcasm Machine

Scary Mommy Word Search

The website Scary Mommy helps contemporary parents cope with the drudgery and frustrations of the world by gently making fun of it all. The Scary Mommy Word Search gives them another way to deal — with find-the-word puzzles built around funny themes and slightly risqué content.

For the Clever One

Sherlock Holmes Escape Room Puzzles

Your super-sharp, mystery-cracking friend or relative doesn’t have to go down to the mall’s escape room to excite their crackling minds. With Sherlock Holmes Escape Room Puzzles, these next-level brainteasers will engage them in a battle of wits with literature’s smartest guy and greatest detective.

For the Trivia Buff

Harriet Tubman: Fighter for Freedom!


Portable Press’s Show Me History books make the past come alive by depicting great events in the lives of important people as if they were comic book stories. Every Show Me History! title, particularly the one telling the life story of Underground Railroad hero and slavery-thwarting activist Harriet Tubman, is presented as a graphic novel, bringing all the excitement and thrills of superhero comics to the real heroes.

For the Herbal Enthusiast


It’s “The Ultimate Stoner Lifestyle Guide.” As marijuana becomes legal in more and more places, the culture surrounding it has emerged from the fringes and shown that it’s a rich world that’s inspired music, food, and communication. This light-hearted book explains it all, perhaps the first-ever all-inclusive primer for potheads, past and present.

For the Goofy Dad:

Dad Jokes Word Search

There’s something about fathering a child that unlocks the part of a man’s brain that makes him spew terrible puns and silly jokes on the regular. Based off our line of Dad Jokes books, Dad Jokes Word Search will keep dads so busy they won’t foist their horrible humor on you for a while, as they’ll be occupied putting together their jokes by finding the right words in a collection of puzzles.