James McIntyre: World’s Worst Poet

March 22, 2023

Give new meaning to the term cheesy, with the poetry of Scotland’s James McIntyre. Widely regarded as one of the worst poets of the 18th century, McIntyre could only write about one topic: cheese.

“This cheese guy may be a bad poet, but it seems he could write bad poetry about only one subject.”

– Don Paterson


Our muse it doth

refuse to sing

Of cheese made early

in the spring.

When cows give milk

from spring fodder

You cannot make

a good cheddar.

The quality is often vile

Of cheese that is

made in April,

Therefore we

think for that reason

You should make cheese

later in the season.

Cheese making

you should delay

Until about the first of May.

Then cows do feed

on grassy field

And rich milk they

abundant yield.

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