Pre-Order Alert: Strange USA

March 17, 2023

We can’t wait to share Strange USA, the latest in the popular Strange series, with all you Uncle John’s fans out there. To build up anticipation, we decided to wait for the perfect date to hit bookshelves: July 4th, of course. But you can pre-order today!

See below for more info, and check out our other available books in the Strange series: Strange History, Strange Science, and Strange Crime.

Strangeness abounds in every corner of the United States—read all about it in this entertaining compendium of real-life stories!

Americans may think of themselves as the most normal people in the world, but that assumption will be turned on its head when you dig into the contents of Strange USA. From political scandals and dumb crooks to oddball roadside attractions and the history of Florida Man, the country is teeming with weirdness in all 50 states. Dozens of the most amusing and entertaining articles from previous Bathroom Readers about the strange goings-on in the land of the free and the home of the brave—plus 40 new pages—will keep you turning the pages for hours.