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Summertime, and the Myth Debunking is Easy

July 11, 2018

There are certain things we’ve been told our lives—and each successive year—about living it up in the summer. Uncle John took some time out of his busy seasonal schedule of grilling hot dogs and catching waves to hit you with some truth. There...

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The Most Commonly Stolen Things in America

July 9, 2018

Billions of dollars’ worth of stuff is swiped from stores, other businesses, and individuals every year. Here’s what thieves grab the most. Commonly swiped According to the annual National Retail Security Survey, which polled more than 80 retail...

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8 Interesting Facts About Scrabble

April 13, 2018

On this day in 1899, a guy named Alfred Mosher Butts was born. What did he do? He invented Scrabble, the word-forming crossword-like board game that’s been extremely popular for more than 50 years. The Great Depression Butts came up with the basic...

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