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Banned From the Subway!

April 26, 2019

In major cities across the nation, public transportation like buses and subways are full of huge ads for every product imaginable. Well, almost every product imaginable. Here are some companies who were forbidden from hocking their wares.  ...

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The Taos Hum

April 22, 2019

Taos, New Mexico is home to an artistic community, a lot of turquoise jewelry, unbelievably beautiful landscapes…and a strange noise that’s baffled scientists. Out of the blue Sometime out of the blue in the early ‘90s, residents of ...

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Your Tax Dollars At Work

April 16, 2019

Now that your completed taxes (and a check) are on their way to the government (unless you got an extension…or forgot), here’s a look at some of the strange ways Washington will invest your money. Tax return check on 1040 form background C...

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