January 2014

Dog Islands

January 21, 2014

These far-flung locales are going to the dogs…that is if they haven’t already. Snoopy Island Nishinoshima lies off Japan’s Pacific coastline and is best known for its active volcano, which last erupted in November. The ensuing lava flow create...

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A Crappy Cup of Joe

October 11, 2013

If you think these coffees taste crappy, you wouldn’t be wrong. They literally came from poop. They are coffee from feces. In one of the most inexplicable, perplexing, and kind of gross fads of all time, the hottest thing going in the world of cof...

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The Big Hunt for Bigfoot

September 11, 2013

Better living through Sasquatch-hunting technology. “Drones” are seemingly everywhere these days (look out!). These controversial “unmanned aerial vehicles” are currently being used for military missions, surveillance, and even domestic polic...

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