The Toilet-Shaped House

April 19, 2010

Really, do we have to say anything else?

Better known as the toilet-shaped house, this showcase of superior plumbing was built by Korean Assembly Representative Sim Jae-Duck—a.k.a. Mr. Toilet—and his World Toilet Organization. It’s intended to celebrate the cultural centrality of the toilet and raise awareness of the plight of the world’s toilet-less. “We should learn to go beyond seeing toilets as just a place for defecation,” the late Mr. Sim once said, “but also as a place of culture where people can rest, meditate and be happy.”

It's the last house on the right...

We’ve gotta say, that is one spiffy looking home right there. And wait until you see the toilet-shaped pool! (We kid.) And: Representative  Sim Jae-Duck was actually born in a restroom, which explains everything. We think.