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Wednesday Wrap

April 28, 2010

If you’re just coming to see us for the first time—Welcome!—and here’s a quick look at what Uncle John’s Blog has been up to for the last week:

THURSDAY, April 22—Earth Day—we brought you the story of the making of the recycle—♲—symbol.

FRIDAY, April 23rd, we had a YouTube contender for college baseball play of the year, and we also said, “Happy Anniversary YouTube!

On the weekend we worked in the garden, watched some hockey, baseball, basketball, golf, stock car racing, bowling, and international lawn dart competition, cut the lawn, barbecued some pork loin, read a book, and had an all-around smashing good time.

MONDAY, April 26th, we learned all about Google Toilet View.

TUESDAY, April 27, brought us a very cool Web site specializing in how people handled household tasks in previous centuries, and, in the post just below this one, which would make it very silly to link to it, what looks like a game of Ukrainian office hockey.

That’s the first of what will be a regular Wednesday Wrap feature. We hope it helps visitors who want to quickly pick and choose just the posts that might interest them, especially as the number of posts per week continue to grow—and they will. Thanks for playing along, and from all of us at the BRI, have a great rest of the week.

(Got a tip on a great story, photograph, or video? Leave a link in the comments, send them to the contact page, or send an email to Thanks!)

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