This Week in Bathroom News

May 28, 2010

Someone wrote this bathroom-related story yesterday—and didn’t even mention the fact that the people involved are named “Mooney.” How lame is that? We would have never missed that.

You, too, can have your very own Bubble Wrap Bathroom.

Odor in the court!

Bathrooms…in Space. (Featuring Uncle John’s dream bathroom:)

Does this bathroom make me look spacey?

Hotel bathrooms are going green. (No, that is not a guacamole joke…)

He came in through the bathroom window. (He could steal—and he could rob!)

“I just went in the bathroom the other morning with a pair of scissors and cut it off.” (We knew we’d find a way to get Willie in this post.)

Gives a whole new meaning to “**** or get off the pot!

And not from this week, but too good to pass up: “Cop makes arrest in bathroom after smelling crack.” Ew.