It’s World Toilet Day

November 19, 2010

Everyone please take a moment to walk down the hall, open the door to the WC, have a look at that old, taken-for-granted commode, and say, “Thank you, toilet. You’ve been very good to me. So thank you, thank you, thank you.” Everyone, right?

On a more serious note, today is World Toilet Day, brought to us by the World Toilet Organization:

World Toilet Day is celebrated on November 19 of every year. The World Toilet Organization is the main driver for this global event. WTO, a global non-profit organization committed to improving toilet and sanitation conditions worldwide.

A fine and noble mission indeed. Here’s some more information on the issue, here’s a map showing WTO events around the world, here’s their Facebook page—and here’s where you can get an image to add to your own Facebook page, if you so desire.

Happy World Toilet Day, everyone.