RIP, Dan Wheldon

October 17, 2011

When you see or hear about a car racing crash like this, all you can do is hope everyone’s going to be okay. And usually they are. Very unfortunately, that was not the case yesterday for current Indianapolis 500 Champion Dan Wheldon:

The racing world was in mourning Monday after two-time Indianapolis 500 winner Dan Wheldon, an Englishman with a ready smile and engaging manner, was killed Sunday in a multicar crash at the Las Vegas Indy 300.

An unfortunate addition to this story is that drivers had been talking for days about how there were too many cars—34—in the field for the track to accommodate, given the speeds these small, extremely powerful, open-wheeled cars can do: They were going about 220 miles per hour when the crash occurred.

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RIP, Dan Wheldon.