NFL Drug Scandal Coming? [updated5]

December 15, 2011

FYI, sports fans: There could be a big story concerning the National Football League breaking pretty soon:

Chicago Bears wide receiver Sam Hurd was locked up in federal custody Thursday as his stunned teammates learned he had been charged with trying to set up a drug-dealing network following his arrest with more than a pound of cocaine.

A POUND of cocaine. That’s not your “personal-use” amount of cocaine, as the story implies with the “network” comment. And the dude just signed a three-year contract worth $5.15 million! Why on earth…?! Wow.

But for the REALLY big ingredient in this story we have to go to another site:

Bears wide receiver Sam Hurd, who was arrested Wednesday on federal drug charges, was a top drug dealer in Chicago and police have a list of NFL players who were supplied drugs by the receiver, a law enforcement source told 670 The Score.

Oh. Dear. This is really, really ungood for the NFL.

We’ll update as we learn more.

Update: Holy cow. The indictment apparently indicates that federal investigators interviewed Hurd in July—regarding $88,000 in cash found in his car when it was being driven by someone else—but , according to the charges, he kept on dealing drugs! Holy cow! If that’s true this story may enter the Really UnSmart Hall of Fame!

Update 2: Just so you know: “Bears players are paid on Thursdays.” Now you know.

Update 3: Obligatory Sam Hurd Twitter feed right here. Example:

I knew the #bears were lacking a possession receiver. But I don’t think that’s what they had in mind.

Update 4 (December 16 morning): That’s what we said  last night!


Update 5: Hurd lawyer says Hurd never sold drugs to NFL players.


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