Stop Sign Yarn Bombing [update II]

April 27, 2012


A stealth knitter has been turning Clairemont stop signs into flowers under cover of night. But San Diego is about to crack down on the so-called yarn-bomber and his cohorts.

Sixteen months ago a computer programmer named Bryan (who agrees to talk without disclosing his last name) encased five stop sign posts in his Clairemont neighborhood in knitted green “sweaters” with leaves.

“It’s a way to beautify the community — a fun way to be artistic,” says Bryan.

Two months ago, he and his knitting circle friends, with funds raised via the online Kickstarter program, brought the number of cozy-clothed stop sign posts to 100 – most between I-5 (west), I-805 (east), Route 52 (north) and I-8 (south). One also popped up in Point Loma, in Normal Heights and a few near Balboa Park.

Best part: We’ve got a whole contingent of BRIers in San Diego – more pictures as soon as we can get ’em…

Update: Oh boy, Mana the Magnificent has agreed to a secret mission regarding the yarned stop signs…stay tuned over the weekend!

Update II: Success!