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Paris Love Locks

Paris vs. the Love Locks

June 10, 2015

This strange tradition began over a hundred years ago and it eventually became a big problem in Paris. Here’s why the City of Light finally cracked down on its thousands of “love locks.”

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Radioactive Man

The Real Radioactive Man

March 27, 2015

Radioactive Man is Bart Simpson’s favorite superhero but this real life toxic avenger is devoted to protecting some of Japan’s most threatened animals.

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Banksy-The Girl with the Pearl Earring

Everyone’s a Critic

March 19, 2015

Art reviewers can definitely be snooty and cruel but these individuals recently took their critiques to a whole different level.

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Crime and Outrageous Punishment

March 13, 2015

Popular wisdom advises that if you can’t do the time you shouldn’t do the crime. In the following cases, however, the authorities went a bit overboard.

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