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November 13, 2018

The Simpsons just started its unprecedented thirtieth season on the air. This one is sure to include some special celebrity guest stars…which is old hat for the series. Here are some stories behind some Simpsons cameos.  Leonard Nimoy  One of ...

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A Star Isn’t Born

October 15, 2018

Right now, Lady Gaga is dazzling audiences with her first major role in a movie, a remake of A Star is Born, directed by co-star Bradley Cooper. It’s an auspicious first stab at film stardom, unlike these other attempts by pop stars who tried their...

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Famous Names You’re Probably Famously Mispronouncing

October 12, 2018

In which Uncle John corrects widespread grammatical and language abominations. Here are a few celebrity names that you may be pronouncing wrong. Martin Scorsese You can use a pneumonic device with this one to remember that the director’s last n...

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Classic TV Shows That Barely Survived Their First Year

October 2, 2018

Here are some shows that ran for many years and became part of TV history. And to think, they were almost canceled right away.  Cheers  It frequently makes lists of the best TV shows of all time, it won the Emmy Award for Best Comedy Series four t...

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