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Show Me History! Reading Guide


Show Me…Why?

“It’s old!” “It has nothing to do with my life!” “It’s boring!” How many times have parents and teachers heard these complaints from kids?

And it’s true. Even though reading about history helps to explain the events of today and to give insight into what the future might hold, it can be dry. But at Portable Press, we’re determined to make history fun, interesting, and accessible. That’s where the Show Me History! series comes in. In each book, the series’ narrators—Libby and Sam—take readers on an exciting journey into the lives of some of history’s most interesting characters. Studies have found that graphic texts promote learning and recall so the graphic novel format and colorful artwork make these stories much less tedious than traditional history texts and a lot more fun. And who knows…kids might even learn something too.

Show Me…Who?

The Portable Press Show Me History! series launched with four extraordinary figures and many more to come.

  • Amelia Earhart: The world’s best-known female aviator—and most famous missing person—set dozens of aviation records.
  • Martin Luther King Jr.: This brave civil rights icon blazed a path toward equal rights and preached nonviolence in the face of prejudice and hate.
  • Alexander Hamilton: America’s Fighting Founding Father rose from poverty in the Caribbean to the highest levels of American politics.
  • Abraham Lincoln: This unlikely American hero educated himself on the law and became what many historians consider the greatest U.S. president in history.

Show Me…What?

See what teachers are saying about Show Me History!

"I am a 4th grade teacher in Carlsbad, CA, and my kids are loving the new Show Me History! books. Some of my slower, more intrepid readers are reading them in 2-3 nights. I’ve heard them say things like 'Realistic pictures', 'The illustrations make these easier to enjoy.', 'I love learning about Abraham Lincoln.'  I’m so excited to have a starter set of these books to help get my students excited for reading."
- Tracy M., 4th Grade Teacher

"Show Me History! is an amazing nonfiction historical graphic novel series that combines the comic art form with important biographies of people who have had an historic impact in the world.

After I introduced the Show Me History! series to my students, they could not keep their hands off the books. They absolutely love the narration of the historical characters combined with the comic style artwork. I have had to get more copies of the books to accommodate all my students’ desires to read them (and I still don’t have enough). I have never seen my students quite so excited about a history book before. Show Me History! is a fantastic book series and I highly recommend it!"
- Reyna Turner, Lead third grade teacher at Loma Portal Elementary, Loma Portal’s Teacher of the year in 2016, SDUSD VAPA Artistic Innovator Award recipient 2019, Mathnasium Gratitude Grant recipient 2019

ATOS and Lexile Scores

Abraham Lincoln: Defender of the Union! | ATOS: 3.6 | Lexile: GN520L

Alexander Hamilton: The Fighting Founding Father! | ATOS: 3.7 | Lexile: GN340L

Amelia Earhart: Pioneer of the Sky! | ATOS: 4.7 | Lexile: GN550L

Martin Luther King Jr.: Voice for Equality! | ATOS: 4.7 | Lexile: GN590L


Babe Ruth: Baseball's All-Time Best! | ATOS: 5.3 | Lexile: GN620L

Bejamin Franklin: Inventor of the Nation! | ATOS: 3.8 | Lexile: GN460L

Susan B. Anthony: Champion for Voting Rights! | ATOS: 3.9 | Lexile: GN440L

Walt Disney: The Magical Innovator! | ATOS: 3.6 | Lexile: GN420L


Show Me History Graphic Novels
Show Me History Graphic Novels

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